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Join LuLaRoe – Team Uplift

· a group of ladies who empower and UPLIFT one another ·

September 7, 2016 0 Comments

Join LuLaRoe – Team Uplift

I battle with if I should post stuff like this or not. But truth be told, I can’t NOT offer to help change your life. LuLaroe Family join lularoe - team uplift Join LuLaRoe – Team Uplift 13669837 657873331045738 5258133727577349663 nI can’t NOT ask you if I can add you to our team of AMAZING women ( no joke, ask some of the girls on my team!!). A team of ladies who have your back 150%, willing and able to answer any and all questions, ladies who aren’t quick to judge, a group of ladies who empower and UPLIFT one another on the daily, A group of ladies who will come over and stay until 10pm because we are laughing too much to stop! LLR has changed so many lives, and I didn’t think it would have so much of an impact on my own life. But I am here to admit; I was wrong. I needed this company in my life more than I ever knew.

The confidence. The sisterhood. The culture. The ability to make other women feel beautiful. The chance to let my husband grieve because I could keep us going. The chance to own my own business and love EVERY.SINGLE.SECOND of it. My customers have become some of my very best friends. Friends that I get to (virtually) hang out with and LAUGH until I have tears. Friends whom compliment and care for others in our group. Friends who LIFT each other up when they need it most.

I love you guys. I am thankful. I am blessed. I am empowered to do better. I am pushed to do more. I am HERE for you!

#AllTheHearts #TeamUplift

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