LuLaRoe Team Uplift

Erica Neuschafer

This company is beyond amazing. 3rdBirthday2 about About 3rdBirthday2More than I could ever put into words. Our lives are forever changed and I couldn’t be an ounce more grateful. #becauseoflularoe I have a new sense of self. Yes, I am a mom. That is and always will be my # 1 priority and job. But LulaRoe gave me more to look forward to. Gave me a chance to get out of the mom-zone and meet other passionate people. People always ask me for my “why” and I rarely share it. But here it goes… When I joined LuLaRoe it was simply (and honestly) just for fun. Something my husband strongly urged me to do for MYSELF. Not for a single person more, just myself. I thought “oh hey! I could make an extra $100 a month for fun money!”, and I did! My 2nd month of being in business also was the month my sweet sweet father in law passed away. He wasn’t just a grandpa to my kids or a dad to my husband.. He was also a pillar to our home and family. When he passed, none of us were quite sure how we would make it through life without him but we didn’t really have a choice. The choice we DID HAVE was one of happiness and no regret. The choice to live our lives to the fullest without a single bit of anger or bitterness towards others. LuLaHusband about About HusbandNow, my husband has been the sole provider for our family of 7 since the day we began our family. He works extremely hard to make sure nobody goes without. He has logged way too many hours for people who have treated him terribly. Enough was enough. Lularoe wasn’t put into my life for no reason. There was a reason that I sat on the phone voice texting Meghan Hoetker at 11pm with lists full of questions regarding the business end of this all. It was in fact to set me up for the coming months where I would need to relieve my husband of financial duties so that he could grieve the loss of his best friend. #becauseoflularoe our family can “be”. Lularoe allows us to be home with our kids, homeschool, and make an earning that most people only dream of. When a purchase is made from me (or Mylee!) you are allowing us to buy necessities. Groceries. Doctors bills. Baseball sign ups. Live your life without fear! Go for it! This IS THE LIFE! 

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Join the Neuschafer family for our wild ride at home.  NeuschaferFamily4th about About NeuschaferFamily4th 1We Vlog (Video-Log) on Youtube!  This is a great way to see more of what we do outside of selling LuLaRoe.  Our Channel name is “Twins TwiceTwins Twice about About TTLogo2016 smaller